Abu Garcia Veritas Spinning Rod Reviews

Abu Garcia Veritas Spinning Rod. In case you’re just starting out or don’t have the resources to buy great fishing rods for every bass fishing technique. Select an adaptable all-rounder like the Abu Garcia Veritas spinning rod. This rod is made for use with a baitcasting reel, generally the most standard decision for bass anglers. It touches the base in a range of sizes, however, the seven-foot length with medium power fishing is the generally attractive best decision. People love the favorable throw limit and the amazing backbone of the rod. While its capacity rating fits medium line loads and typical dispersion ratio.

Abu Garcia Veritas Spinning Rod Reviews

Abu Garcia Veritas Spinning Rod Reviews

The fast action ensures a mind-blowing effect and solid catch sets and is especially suitable for single catch traps, including moves and worms. The seven-foot spectacle is a one-piece fishing rod that is delivered with a lightweight. It has a perfectly balanced 40-ton graphite and is bolstered by the brand’s V Wrap Carbon Advance for included quality and durability. Several highlights solidify the choice of Fuji reel arrangement, smooth EVA non-slip handle, and titanium mix guides. The latter have zirconia implants for unmatched delicacy. Therefore, you have the opportunity to choose what best suits your needs. Once again, the rod has an adaptable structure through the use of satisfying spines so that you can undoubtedly adjust to the considerable battle angles. In it, the affectation is ensured by which not a single nuance will remain unrecognized, which is affirmed by a wide assembly in his next calculation experience.

Hold on for a minute and I’ll explain why I liked it so much.

You shouldn’t worry about breaking it

A lot of people are fans of the Veritas lineup. One of the best anglers I know had a front deck full of them for many years. They are known to be responsive and affordable. But if there was one complaint I heard, it was that they tended to break sometimes.

Abu Garcia Veritas Spinning Rod Reviews

However, I will confidently say that the newer version of the Abu Garcia Veritas Spinning Rod is built like a tank. It’s made from 30-ton carbon fibers that are coated with 3M Powerlux resin to increase blank strength by at least 15 percent.

Now, I didn’t do any math equations while testing this rod. But I have definitely become a believer in his newly enhanced strength. I have boat bass up to 3lbs with this rod and it has withstood stress wonderfully. I also tossed it in the bed of my truck to hit a pond on the weekends and it has held up remarkably well. This is a huge “advantage” in my mind and it was one of the things that stood out to me the most during my tests.

I didn’t expect this much sensitivity

Honestly, I was expecting half this sensitivity for a $ 99 rod. But I’m telling you … this rod is one of the most sensitive on my boat and that’s no lie. If you come to my eyes and let me fish with this rod, I guess it costs more than $ 200.

Abu Garcia Veritas Spinning Rod Reviews

When I make fine fish, I don’t get carried away by all the fashionable techniques. But man, I sure love to fish a crazy rig. That damn platform catches them when a lot of other things go wrong. When I move the crazy rig on a tightrope, I can feel the toothpick worm rippling as it falls to the bottom in full slack. I can feel it rocking back and forth and sliding over the fall.

Many of your subtleties will come in the fall and it’s hard to feel them sometimes. However, I have felt every bite on this reed with ease. If you ignore the lower price, you would think you are fishing for a much more expensive spinning rod.

Custom reel seats and direct blank contact

This is a surprisingly light and ergonomic fishing rod. It doesn’t weigh on tips or glutes. Instead, when combined with a reel, it is quite well balanced and a pleasure to fish with all day long. It is one of the lightest rods in my current lineup.

Abu Garcia Veritas Spinning Rod Reviews

I really like the reel seat because it allows my hand to have direct contact with the target throughout the recovery. This creates an incredible sensitivity that is absolutely a must when it comes to delicate fishing. Whether you need to feel subtle changes in the background composition or those weird, squishy, ​​hard-to-spot post-frontal bites, this direct contact blank comes in handy.

However, I will say that I am not a big fan of the white color of the grips and reel seat. As I said before, it is a super comfortable rod, so it has nothing to do with the “feel” of it. But these grips and this reel seat will get dirty over time. It’s certainly not impossible to clean, but after a long weekend of fishing, especially if you’re fishing a lot, you’ll definitely need to use some cleaning spray.

Features of Abu Garcia Veritas Spinning Rod:

  • Length: 6’6 ″ -7.11 ″ feet
  • Power: Medium
  • Fast movement
  • Shading: white
  • Guide materials: stainless steel


  • Versatile
  • Light
  • Easy to treat


  • Probability of breakage
  • Less careful with heavier lures

Are the Abu García reeds good?

Best off-roader: Abu Garcia Veritas Spinning Rod
It comes in a variety of sizes. However, the seven-foot length with medium strength is the best midway system. The fast activity ensures incredible affectation and strong hook sets and is particularly suitable for single-trap lures, additional jigs, and worms.

Where are Abu Garcia rods made?

ABU García, initially AB Urfabriken, at that time ABU Svängsta, is a fishing rod and gear organization established in Sweden. This rod is currently owned by Pure Fishing from the United States.

Does Abu Garcia have a guarantee?

Warranty. UNITED STATES AND CANADA: Abu Garcia spinning rods wrapped in material assembly deserts. This rod qualifies for a period of one (1) year from the date of purchase and posts for three (3) years from the date of purchase. Abu Garcia will not have any other commitment and will not be subject to incidental or consequential damages.

What does rod size mean?

At the point where the size of the line increases. So do the size of the rod and the evaluations of the rod. Longer cross-distance and deeper spools allow for larger line usage. 2500-3000 Size Reel: When you have to jump your line size up to a 6-15 pound line, your rod size should be larger as well.

Final impressions

If you want to add a new reed of finesse to your lineup without wasting a ton of cash, I suggest you get one of these. It costs $ 100 and feels amazing in your hands. I would catch a tournament with this rod any day of the week without a second thought. I’m incredibly impressed with the updates Abu Garcia has made to the Veritas series and I’m sure you will be too.

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