8 The Best Casting Rod Under 100 $

Do you need a casting rod that doesn’t break the bank? We’ve reviewed and compared the best casting rod under $ 100. Take a look at these high-quality brands to find the perfect casting rod for you.

Fishing is a sport that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Imagine taking out your boat or kayak on a warm summer day and catching a great catch. It is exhilarating! The most common type of fishing involves casting the bait into the water and waiting for a fish to bite. This requires the use of a casting rod. If you’re looking to start fishing on a budget, read this buyer’s guide to find the best casting rod under $ 100.

A Quick Guide to Casting Rods

Whether you are a pond, lake, or saltwater angler, the benefits of using a high-quality bait primer are endless. Baitcasting rods are ideal for heavier lines and larger fish. They are ideal for catching large deep-sea fish or bass. Cast rods are used in conjunction with baitcasting reels, which allow for a longer cast.

Choosing the Best Casting Rod Under $ 100

Rod Material Composition

There are two main materials used in modern casting rods: fiberglass and graphite. Fiberglass is more affordable and will be found in many of the rods listed below. It is not as sensitive as graphite. On the other hand, graphite is flexible and excellent for catching large fish.

One-piece vs. Two-piece

There has been a lot of debate in the fishing world about this aspect of casting rods. Most people argue that two-piece rods are only as good as one-piece in durability. If you need to transport your fishing rod, I suggest a two-piece model as they fall apart. If you don’t plan to carry it in your trunk, then a one-piece model will work just fine.

Fishing Environment

Depending on whether you fish primarily in fresh or saltwater, your casting rod will differ. If you fish in freshwater, your rod options will be lighter and more flexible. Saltwater casting rods will be more substantial as the size range of fish is greater in the ocean. Saltwater rods are also built to resist the corrosive properties of salt.

Rod Length

Casting rods vary in length from 5 to 8 feet. Depending on where you fish, the perfect rod length can vary. If you fish in overgrown lakes and ponds, a huge rod can be difficult to handle. A shorter rod will limit the casting distance, as they are designed for short, fast casts.

Casting Distance/Accuracy

If you have a longer rod, you will get a greater casting distance. Other factors can affect casting distance, such as line thickness, line material, weight, and lure profile. Many things can determine the accuracy of the casting, but especially the reel, as well as the level of angler, tackle, and hits.

Rod Action and Power

The action of the casting rod is determined by the amount of bending of the rod when pressure is applied. Slow, moderate, fast, and extra fast are the typical actions used. Fishing rod power is the term used to describe the amount of pressure an angler has to use to make the rod bend. Rod power is typically measured as heavy, medium, light, and ultralight.

Line Weight and Line Guides

The fishing line is what connects the bait to the reel. You should choose a fishing line based on the size of the fish you plan to catch. The weight of the line is measured in pounds. For example, trout fishing requires a 4-pound test line, while tuna requires a 30-pound test line.


Most casting rod grips are made from cork, cork tape, wood, shrink film, foam, Hypalon, or cord. They all have different characteristics, such as different levels of moldability and weight. The casting rod grip can be a pistol grip, split or full. Decide which type feels best in your hands and go for it. Make sure it’s ergonomic for a full day of fishing.

Price and Warranty

In this buyer’s guide, I provide you with the best casting rods under $ 100. This is on the lower end of the price range for fishing rods. Keep your budget in mind and decide which rod will give you the most profit after reading my guide. All casting rods below will also come with a warranty.

7 Best Casting Rod Under $ 100 Reviewed

1. KastKing Royale Select

KastKing Royale Select Casting Rod

Our Top Pick!

Rod Length 7 ft 3 in
Line Weight 10-20 lbs
Handle Type Split
Material Toray 24-ton carbon
Warranty 1 year

If you are looking for the best option, this model is the best for you. The KastKing Royale Select is the best choice for anglers who want a great baitcasting rod for any occasion. This model comes in a one-piece design that is more durable than other two-piece designs. It comes in a durable 24-ton Toray carbon matrix. It gives you the right amount of flexibility and strength.

Yes, It comes with KastKing’s KastFlex technology that allows you to get the most accurate cast every time. It features Fuji fishing line guides that reduce drag and friction when you pull your line. The grip is made of EVA material that will keep you comfortable all day. The split-grip will allow you to maintain full control of your casting rod.

I really enjoyed using this casting rod on my last fishing trip. The medium-heavy power of the rod was ideal for catching large fish without much effort. I liked the launch action as the Fuji line guides allow for a greater launch distance.

According to David, “the overall quality is top-notch. Not even the big names offer this kind of quality fit and finish for their ‘budget’ shafts. “


  • Fuji Fishing Line Guides
  • 24-ton Toray carbon for light action
  • Comfortable EVA grip


  • One-piece design that won’t fit in a small car or trunk

2. Tsunami Airwave

Tsunami Airwave 8 Surf Fishing Rod

Best Surf Fishing Casting Rod Under $ 100

Rod Length 8 ft
Line Weight 12-20 lbs
Handle Type Split
Material Graphite
Warranty 5 year

If you are an avid surf fisher and need a new rod, this model is the ideal option for you. The Tsunami Airwave 8 is the best surf fishing rod under $ 100. It comes with a medium-heavy power so you can catch big fish. The flexibility is perfect for surf fishing.

The Tsunami Airwave 8 is a unique throwing rod that will give you a great throw every time. Surfcasting is a game of distance as most of the time you are standing on the shore or wading in shallow water. It has a light and resistant design that allows you to throw with greater distance. It is a two-piece design that features a herringbone joint. And it will break easily so you can store your rod with ease. It is made of the strongest graphite material.

My favorite feature of this casting rod is that it offers an excellent casting distance. It was easy to cast and the perfect distance to get past the shallow waves. I enjoyed using it in the gulf. Since the waves were flat, it had a great launch range.

As Ricardo said, “Extremely light. Excellent for bunker fishing. I haven’t tried connecting with him yet, but he looks promising. For the money, it’s an excellent beginner/backup rod. “


  • Medium-heavy power that is perfect for surf fishing.
  • Light graphite material
  • Two-piece design for easy portability


  • It may be too sensitive for some anglers

3. Lew’s Speed Stick TP-1

Lew's Speed Stick TP-1 Casting Rod

Best Casting Rod Under $ 100 for Crankbait

Rod Length 7 ft
Line Weight 8-14 lbs
Handle Type Split
Material Graphite
Warranty 1 year

Most anglers are familiar with using crankbait to catch large fish. Crankbait lures are perfect for catching summer bass, but you will need a great rod. The Lew’s Speed Stick TP-1 is the best throwing rod under $ 100 for crankbait.

This Lew model comes in a one-piece design that will feel amazing in the hands. He has the patented American Tackle guidance system. Reduce knots and increase launch distance. The handle features Winn Grip Dri-Tac grips that will keep you comfortable all day. They work well in wet conditions, so he won’t have to worry about his hands slipping when rolling a catch. Lew’s exclusive skeletal graphite allows for great sensitivity and power. He also has professional-style hooks.

What I liked the most about this casting rod is how well it worked with my crankbait lures. The guidance system allowed me to cast my crankbait in deep water with precision. I thought the Winn grip handles were extremely comfortable in all kinds of weather conditions.

As one satisfied customer noted: “I highly recommend this rod, the quality is excellent and the price is unbeatable! I will buy more! “


  • Winn grab handles
  • Graphite blanks
  • American Tackle Microwave Guidance System


  • Not suitable for winding very large fish

4. Falcon Rods HD

Falcon Rods HD Casting Rod

Value for Money Option

Rod Length 7 ft
Line Weight 8-17 lbs
Handle Type Full
Material Graphite
Warranty 5 year

All fishermen like bargains. When you find a rod that is reasonably priced and performs well, then you should stick with it. The Falcon HD is the best value casting rod under $ 100. It is durable, simple, and classic.

The Falcon HD casting rod range has a unique classic design. This model has a cork grip that is resistant to water and sweat. You’ll be comfortable holding your wand all day, even in the sun. This casting rod is 7 feet long, which is the ideal mid-range size. It has a medium-heavy action that is ideal for small and large fish. This fishing rod comes equipped with fuji line guides and reel holders. The rod was durable and responsive, so he could control it easily.

I thought this rod was wonderfully simple and comfortable. I found the cork handles to be sweat resistant which is great for the summer months. And I liked the fuji line guides and the reel seat. Helped to position the reel perfectly.

As John Keasler put it, “This is the best rod I have ever used … I use the rods for all kinds of lures.”


  • Classic cork grips
  • Fuji line guides
  • Medium-heavy action


  • The cork handle can wear out after many times of use.

5. SHIMANO Clarus – The Best Casting Rod Under $ 100

SHIMANO Clarus Casting Rod

Best Freshwater Casting Rod Under $ 100

Rod Length 7 ft
Line Weight 8-15 lbs
Handle Type Full
Material Graphite
Warranty 1 year

Many of the anglers who read this buyer’s guide tend to fish in freshwater. This means you need a suitable fishing rod for your freshwater fishing adventures. The Shimano Clarus is the best freshwater casting rod under $ 100. It comes with all the high-quality features in a classic design.

This Shimano model looks like the last model I reviewed. It features a full cork grip that will work well in most conditions. It comes with a full 30-ton graphite composition. And it is flexible and responsive to help you feel like the best catch of the day. Like previous models, this baitcasting rod has Fuji line guides and reel seats. The guides will help improve your accuracy and distance.

I enjoyed using the Shimano Clarus on a recent bass fishing trip. It felt great in the hands. The medium-heavy action was the perfect amount to catch all kinds of fish. I thought the guides helped me increase my casting accuracy when using worm templates.

According to Bob from Tackle Direct, “Good pole. Perfect for the lightest baits. “

I agree with Bob that this rod is perfect for casting lighter freshwater baits such as earthworms and crankbaits.


  • Premium full cork grip
  • 30-ton sensitive graphite construction
  • One-piece design for durability


  • It is not as suitable for casting large baits.

6. Abu Garcia Vengeance – The Best Casting Rod Under 100 $

Abu Garcia Vengeance Casting Fishing Rod

Best for Bass Fishing Under $ 100

Rod Length 7 ft
Line Weight 6-12 lbs
Handle Type Split
Material Graphite
Warranty 3 year

One of the most popular types of fishing is without a doubt the bass. If you’re anything like me, then you can’t wait to get back on the water to roll up your next bigmouth bass. The Abu Garcia Vengeance is the best baitcasting rod for bass fishing.

Abu Garcia is a big name in the fishing world, and this fishing rod does not disappoint. It comes in a 7-foot medium-power design. It is well designed and perfectly balanced. And it is constructed from the finest 24-ton graphite. This model features zirconium-coated stainless steel line guides that reduce drag.

The split-grip handle is made of rubberized EVA material. It works well in all conditions and is extremely comfortable. This baitcasting rod from Abu Garcia was a pleasure to use in the water. I liked the line guides. The inclusion of zirconium in the inner rings made casting much easier. I experienced less friction and drag on the line.

As one customer exclaimed: “The first time I used it caught 6 bass ranging from 1 to 5 pounds. A bass collided with a floating branch cover. I took out the twigs and the 2-3 pound sea bass and landed it. “

As you can see, this rod is perfect for bass fishing.


  • Zirconium Coated Line Guides
  • 24-ton graphite blank
  • EVA rubber grip


  • The adhesive on the grip tends to loosen after many uses

7. St Croix Triumph – The Best Casting Rod Under 100 $

St. Croix Triumph Casting Rod

Most Durable

Rod Length 6 ft 6 in
Line Weight 10-17 lbs
Handle Type Full
Material Graphite
Warranty 5 year

Going out on the water for a fishing trip can be exhausting for all of our fishing gear. Hot sun, sand, and water can take their toll. You should invest in a durable, time-tested rod. The St Croix Triumph is the most durable casting rod under $ 100.

This St Croix model comes with all the best features to ensure your rod will last a lifetime. It features durable cork handles to keep your hands comfortable throughout the day. It is constructed with SCII graphite for flexibility and sensitivity. The line guides are made from premium-grade aluminum oxide so they will withstand the elements. This model comes with a Fuji TCS reel seat that has a matte silver bonnet to increase longevity.

This model is known to last longer than its competitors for years. I enjoyed using the medium power rod because it gave me the perfect amount of stretch when fishing for big fish. I also liked the Fuji reel seat. It kept my reel in place without a hitch.

As Larry put it, “My favorite spinning rod for bass in the Northeast … responsive and strong.”


  • Fuji TCS reel seat
  • Aluminum Oxide Line Guides
  • SCII graphite construction


  • Some users had trouble activating the warranty with customer service

​8 Berkley E-Motion – The Best Casting Rod Under 100 $

Berkley E-Motion Casting Rod

Extra Best Casting Rod

Rod Length 7 ft
Handle Type Split
Material Graphite
Warranty 2 year

The Berkley E-Motion is another attractive rod, at least insight. It has a unique and modern look with a black color theme with small patches of white and logos. Even the handle is unique, with a small tapered grip at the front of the handle and ergonomically shaped accessories just before the reel seat.

There are also so many options to choose from regarding size and power that it will blow your mind. Sizes start at 6 feet 4 inches and increase in 2-3 increments with each size. In total, there are 9 sizes to choose from, the largest of which is a 7-foot-9-inch mammoth. It goes without saying that you can choose what suits your needs regarding length.

The unique part of this rod is that each size comes with its own power level. The smallest is medium, and then there are some heavy mediums, some heavy ones, and even one (the 7-foot 3-inch variant) that is extra heavy.

And since we are talking about options, there are 8 different styles with the casting rod. Each of these styles is specially designed for a particular purpose. The basic is a general-purpose style that can be adapted to all types of work. Then there is the topwater style, the target style, and other styles suitable for particular tasks.


  • You have many options to choose the type of rod.
  • Extremely durable


  • Moderate action is not the most suitable for this rod

Casting Rod vs. Other Fishing Rods

If you are new to fishing, you may be wondering what the different types of rods are. The type of rod you should buy is primarily determined by the species of fish you want to catch, your experience, and your lures.

There are two main types of fishing rods: casting and spinning. A baitcasting rod is used when you want to cast bait into the water to catch a fish. The reel is placed on top of the rod. When fighting a big fish, the rod bends down over the line guides. You should use a bait rod to catch bigger fish when in a boat. They can sometimes be a bit more expensive than spinning rods. The launch rods also allow for a greater launch distance.

On a spinning rod, the reel is placed under the rod. When the force of a fish is exerted, the guides are pulled downwards, which could cause them to break. Spinning rods are generally used to catch small fish, such as trout. They are best for throwing in short, fast bursts.

Casting Rod Sizing Guide

Now that you’ve chosen one of the best brands for your next fishing rod, you need to make sure you get the right size. Casting rods range in size from 5 to 8 feet. Choosing the right rod size depends on the fishing environment, portability, and casting distance.

If you plan to fish in shallow freshwater, then a medium-sized rod of around 6 feet will suffice. For deep-sea fishing, you need to buy a longer rod that allows you to catch large deep-sea fish. You should also consider the surrounding area, such as weeds and overgrowth. A shorter rod will work better for overgrown areas.

Simply put, a shorter rod will be easier to transport in your car or truck. For kayak fishing, you should stick to short baitcasting rods as you will have limited space in your kayak. A two-piece rod will snap off to fit in any standard-size car trunk.

Launch distance and precision are the two most important terms in fishing. Longer rods will give you a much greater casting distance than short rods. If you plan to go surf fishing, a long rod will ensure that your cast goes over the breaking of the wave. To fish in streams, you can use short rods of around 5 feet. Stream fishing requires maneuverability and short casts.

Casting Tips for Beginners

Fishing is a sport that can be practiced at any age. Before you take your new casting rod into the water, there are a few tips and tricks to follow. Follow these guidelines below and you’ll have a great catch in no time.

  1. Always leave 1 foot of extra thread from the tip of your shank. Hold the rod in your hand with your thumb on the reel of the reel.
  2. press the reel button and bend your casting arm. Once your pole reaches vertical, release the reel button to cast.
  3. Once the bait is in the water, move the bait a couple of times. Pay close attention as sometimes the sting is not obvious.

Now that you know the basics, let’s focus on tips for increasing your throw distance.

  1. Do not use a full spool. If you have less thread on a spool, it will spin more freely when casting.
  2. Use a braided fishing line. The braided line is lighter and tighter, so you can put less braking action on your reel.
  3. Make sure all of your line guides are completely aligned with each other. If a guide is crooked, there will be additional friction when casting.
  4. Let more lines come out of your reel before casting the bait. This will give you a longer strap, which can add yards to your cast.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Does a longer rod cast further?

Yes. In general, longer fishing rods cast farther due to their greater length. It propels the bait further away from you due to the higher speed of its launch.

Do bass fishermen use casters?

Most bass anglers use only casting rods while fishing. To catch a large number of bass, you need to cast your lures a great distance. Casting rods also give bass anglers the flexibility they need to catch a big catch.

Can I put any casting reel onto any casting rod?

The casting rods I reviewed above are compatible with most casting reels. You should consult the spec sheet before attempting to place your casting reel.

How do you stop a backlash caster?

This term refers to slowing down the bait before the reel. This usually results in a mess of tangled lines. To prevent this from happening, make sure the brake system and reel tension are adjusted accordingly. You should also do a few test casts before attempting to go the full distance. Practice makes perfect!

How long should the grip be on my casting rod?

This will be determined by the comfort of the angler and the length of the rod. Many of the grips on the above products are split grips, so they are shorter than full grips. Find out what is most comfortable for you. I recommend choosing a grip that is no longer than your forearm.

What are casting rods good for?

To give you a clear answer, I would say that casting rods are for heavy fishing. If the fish is big and powerful, you can’t use a spinning rod in that case. You will need something powerful and that is a casting rod.

How do I choose a casting rod?

When it comes to choosing a casting rod, there are a number of factors to consider. Those factors include size, material, durability, weight, action, flexibility, price, brand, and many more. Take your time before buying a rod or anything else that costs good money, don’t buy unless you are 100% sure of the quality.

What is the best casting rod for the money?

All of these mentioned casting rods are the best budget options. For the price, the performance they offer is truly amazing. However, if you want me to mention a few, I would say

KastKing Royale Select is the first best casting rod under $ 100
Tsunami Airwave is the second best casting rod under $ 100
Lew’s Speed Strick TP1 is the third best casting rod under $ 100

These are outstanding artists, if you don’t want to invest a lot of money in the rod, try one of these.


In this article, I have chosen high-quality casting rods for under $ 100. After reading this buyer’s guide, you should be able to choose the perfect rod for you at a reasonable price. I have also provided you with all the tips and tricks to get you started with baitcasting. I’m sure you are wondering which is the best baitcasting rod from the listed products. In my opinion, you can’t go wrong with KastKing Royale Select. It’s made from 24-ton Toray carbon for lightweight flexibility.

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