16 The Best Fishing Reels 2022 Reviews

Best Fishing Reels 2021

A reel is an essential piece of your fishing equipment, and you should make sure you have a reel that meets your expectations and preferences. It is not easy to choose the best fishing reels that exist, because there are many things to consider.

Start from if you plan to fish in fresh or saltwater, but continue to select various fishing methods and styles. That’s why we prepare a detailed purchase guide, as well as reviews of fishing reels. We will start focusing on the best-rated units currently.

But before buying a particular product, take a look at our fishing reel buying guide. We try to cover all the relevant details about the fishing reels. After reading it, you will learn everything you need to know, which will take you one step closer to finding your favorite fishing reel brand.

Products Name Brand Handle Reviews Amazon
Daiwa Dendoh Fishing Reel DAIWA Double 159 View Details
SHIMANO Tranx Baitcast Reel SHIMANO Double 302 View Details
Penn Lever Drag Fishing Reel PENN Single 167 View Details
Redington ZERO Fly Reel REDINGTON Single 261 View Details
Zebco Omega Pro Spincast Fishing Reel ZEBCO Single 1409 View Details
Penn Clash II Spinning Fishing Reel PENN Single 535 View Details
Abu Garcia Revo X Low Profile Reel ABU GARCIA Double 705 View Details
Daiwa Coastal TW Casting Reel DAIWA Double 258 View Details
Shimano Saragosa SW Saltwater Spinning Reel SHIMANO Single 41 View Details
Abu Garcia Ambassadeur Round Baitcast Fishing Reel ABU GARCIA Double 797 View Details
KastKing Summer and Centron Spinning Reels KASTKING Single 5104 View Details
SHIMANO Stradic FL Spinning Fishing Reel SHIMANO Single 518 View Details
Penn Battle II & III Spinning Fishing Reel PENN Single 3563 View Details
Pflueger President Spinning Fishing Reel PFLUEGER Single 1867 View Details
Avet Lever Drag Conventional Reel AVET Single 102 View Details

15 The Best Fishing Reels Reviews in 2022 – Anglers’ Favorites

01. Daiwa Tanacom Power Assist Reels

At first glance, this is a modern reel for those fishermen who welcome technology in their fishing experience. The product has an LCD screen that you can program in a couple of clicks. The screen uses a battery and simplifies your experience. You can also benefit from the useful data you see on the screen, such as automatic measurement of the amount of line you let out. If you wish, you have the option of manually adjusting the winding, as well as setting different speeds thanks to the power lever.

Daiwa Tanacom Power Assist Reels

The product is not so light, but it is of high quality and is suitable for catching quite large fish. When it comes to general characteristics, it has four ball bearings and maximum resistance of 550 yards. You can choose between two different size options according to your preference and the fish you want to catch.

02. SHIMANO TRANX Baitcasting Low Profile Fishing Reel

Here is a low-profile baitcasting fishing reel with a modern design and a combination of metallic gray and blue colors. It is the brilliant effect that will make this unit attractive to all fishermen with a vision of the future. Apart from the design, the manufacturer also considered the durability and longevity of the unit. It may have a slightly higher price, but it compensates with the robust body of HAGANE. Magnesium and aluminum are the materials of choice. They ensure smoothness and avoid distortion of the reel.

You can choose between several reel sizes, depending on the target species and your experience. The unit seems to have a recovery that does not require much effort, which makes it suitable for long-distance launch. You can use the reel in harsh environments and severe weather conditions, and the product is suitable for saltwater fishing.

03. Penn Fathom Lever Drag Fishing Reel

Penn classically designed this reel but made sure to implement many innovative and modern features. The unit has a lever drag system that should be suitable for large fish and heavy lines. Adjusting the drag should not be a problem even in extreme configurations.

Penn Fathom Lever Drag Fishing Reel

The reel has two different speeds, and you can easily change from low to high speed when necessary. The manufacturer used metal to make both the body and the side plates. While that ensures durability, the reel can be questionable for use in saltwater. Regardless of that, this is still a heavy-duty reel with solid cracking power. It has five stainless steel ball bearings. The anti-reverse function is optional, and you can use it if you are a fan. The reel even comes in left-handed options, so be sure to choose a suitable model for your needs.

04. Redington Zero Fly Reel

If you find a light reel at the top of your priority list, we recommend that you take a look at this product. It comes in two different colors (sand and black), and the manufacturer claims that it is the lightest unit in its category.

The reel seems light, and also has a fast-change reel for all lovers of high-speed fishing action.

Redington Zero Fly Reel

The specific design of the large shaft manages to accelerate recovery, but keep in mind that it may take time to get used to the resistance, or a certain lack of it. The clicker drag system is a bit specific, but it is simplified, which means that you should feel comfortable operating the reel shortly.

The company recommends this reel for fly fishing, and it can do a good job in that category, but it can also be a reliable reel for beginners.

05. Zebco Omega Pro Spincast Reel

The first thing you notice is the classic design of this spin cast reel, which can appeal to lovers of traditional-looking fishing equipment.

In terms of performance, the transmission ratio is set to 3.4: 1. It may not be the fastest reel on the market, but it can accumulate a large amount of energy. It seems that recovery is not so easy, but you should get used to it quickly.

The product has a total of seven bearings for optimum durability, as well as a triple drag system with multiple discs. You can easily switch between left and right recovery whenever necessary. Users can expect an anti-reverse function, and even an automatic bait alert when they are hooked.

Zebco Omega Pro Spincast Reel

The reel seems to have a comfortable grip that facilitates control of the unit. You will receive a spare reel in the packaging in case you need it on your trip.

06. Penn Clash II Spinning Fishing Reel

The rotating reel made by Penn comes in different weights and sizes. The transmission ratio varies from 6.2: 1 to 4.7: 1, while the weight ranges from eight to 27 ounces. Regardless of size, you will get a fairly durable unit suitable for freshwater fishing. The manufacturer uses metal throughout the body construction. The spinning reel is quite easy to use and relatively comfortable.

Penn Clash II Spinning Fishing Reel

If you know one or two things about the reels, you may be able to adjust them for even better performance. However, even the default configuration should make this unit versatile and suitable for several species. When it comes to softness, some say they expected a softer reel. However, that is a matter of taste, and you will have no problem with it as soon as you get used to the product. You can expect a one-year warranty on the unit. It should be noted that the design is a mixture of the classic and the modern with a predominance of black and gold colors.

07. Abu Garcia Revo X Low Profile Reel

If you are looking for a durable reel, this unit is worth considering. It has eight stainless steel bearings and an additional roller bearing for additional corrosion protection. The manufacturer made the alloy frame in one piece to ensure it is sturdy and lightweight. The company claims that it obtains a uniform and uniform drag with a maximum drag capacity of 12 pounds.

Abu Garcia Revo X Low Profile Reel

That makes this freshwater reel versatile, while the handle makes it comfortable. It is an ergonomic product, and should not have any problems with grip or fatigue. It is important to mention that the reel also has an attractive design and a great color scheme. Keep in mind that this Abu Garcia model is suitable for smaller lures, so avoid putting heavy lures because it is not large enough. That does not affect the versatility of the unit, as it remains an excellent option for several species of fish.

08. Daiwa Coastal TWS Reel

Daiwa Coastal TWS Reel The T-Wing reel comes with left-handed and left-handed options and features an attractive design both ways. The combination of black with a matt and blue finish is something that will appeal to many fishermen. When you scratch below the surface, you notice high-quality aluminum. The aeronautical quality material ensures optimum durability.

Daiwa Coastal TWS Reel

As for other components, the gear is high strength and the unit has eight bearings. The transmission ratio is established in 7.3: 1. The reel is level wind, which is suitable for novices and facilitates the distribution of the line. As the name implies, it is a coastal reel, but still ensures great versatility. The only drawback we noticed is that you could use some fat before you start using it. You can solve that problem in seconds and test the potential of this soft and strong reel.

09. SHIMANO SARAGOSA SW, saltwater spinning fishing reel

If you are a fan of taking your boat to deep water, you can consider this reel to catch all kinds of saltwater fish. That includes large species that are difficult to catch. The manufacturer claims that the unit is suitable for adverse weather conditions.

It is interesting to highlight the X-Ship technology. It improves the overall longevity of the unit and reduces friction between the gear and the spool shaft. In simple terms, that ensures long-distance launches.

SHIMANO SARAGOSA SW, saltwater spinning fishing reel

Shimano has six ball bearings and an additional roller bearing, as well as the HAGANE body for optimum durability. The maximum drag increases up to 44 pounds and the crank recovery varies between 38 and 45 inches. Some users may consider the reel a bit stiff, but you will get used to what it feels like after a while. The handle has an ergonomic and comfortable grip to reduce fatigue.

10. Abu Garcia Ambassadeur S Round Baitcast Fishing Reel

If you choose around bait reel, you will get a product that does not require much maintenance. The design of the unit is quite simple, and its blue color can make it perfectly suitable for dark rods.

When it comes to functionality, you can use the unit for launching, deep jigging, and dragging, as well as for fishing for predators and bass. The star drag function does a solid job, and the level wing is a convenient feature, especially for newbies.

Abu Garcia Ambassadeur S Round Baitcast Fishing Reel

It can be easily adjusted between two different gears. In case you need to brake, you can use the 6-pin centrifugal brake system. The handle is compact and easy to operate. The C4 unit has four standard stainless steel bearings. The reel is among the affordable units in the market, which can affect the durability of the product, but still offers good value for money.

11. KastKing Summer and Centron Spinning Reels

The last in the line of reels we present is a suitable option for ice fishing. The manufacturer opted for a modern design and a combination of black and blue with a matte finish.

As you can see in the product, the transmission ratio is 6.2: 1, which is quite high. The graphite frame ensures that the unit stays light. The reel can stop up to 17.5 pounds thanks to the drag system.

KastKing Summer and Centron Spinning Reels

The product feels quite soft when you use it. The reel has nine bearings and one anti-reverse to improve smoothness. The handle is interchangeable, which makes the product suitable for all fishermen. The product does a solid job in corrosion resistance. I could have a little problem with the line queue evenly, but that is far from being a decisive factor. For an affordable unit, the product is quite durable.

12. SHIMANO Stradic FL Spinning Fishing Reel

SHIMANO Stradic FL Spinning Fishing Reel

The Shimano Stradic rotating reel has been around for years and has gone through several iterations, the last one being the FK. Everyone shares three things in common: they are as tough as nails, are as soft as many reels that are much more expensive, and are excellent for resisting the corrosive saltwater atmosphere. Currently, the Stradic comes in sizes from 1000 to 5000, suitable for ultra-light to medium-heavy lines with a braid range of two to five pounds to 50 pounds.

13. Penn Battle II & III Spinning Fishing Reel

Penn Battle II & III Spinning Fishing Reel

The Penn Battle II struggles on its way to the top 10 by providing a strong metal body rotating reel with parts capable of saltwater, for approximately $ 100. Penn has always manufactured rugged reels, and with its modern infinite anti-reverse material and HT-100, the Battle II can do the work of light fishermen for years in the brine.

14. Pflueger President Spinning Fishing Reel

Pflueger President Spinning Fishing Reel

While any number of reels can be softer, lighter, and stronger, the Pflueger President has gained a large following because he offers a lot of money. No, we would not say that the President is among the “best” reels on the market. But they are competent, and they are so economical that they allow many people an affordable option for light to medium rotating reels that allow them to participate in the game.

15. Avet Lever Drag Conventional Reel

Avet Lever Drag Conventional Reel

The conventional Avet reel completes our list, as these compact powers simply feel good in your hands, almost like an extension of your body. But don’t let the size fool you. Even the smallest can withstand 28 pounds of drag pressure, and the most powerful models can reach 50. In addition, these reels are available at up to three speeds, a rather unusual benefit.

Fishing Reel Buying Guide

You can consider many different things when buying a fishing reel. We try to cover them all in this article so you can choose the type of fishing reel that is ideal for your needs between primers, spinning reels, spin casters, and fly reels.

How to choose the best fishing reels?

Fishing Reel Parts

Drag System – Lever or Star?

When it comes to drag systems, you can choose between dragging star and lever. The first is shaped like a star and is placed inside the handle. Lever systems, on the other hand, use a lever that you move to adjust the drag.
It depends on your preference, but here is a quick comparison of the two:
Fish size: use a star system for fish up to 50 pounds and the level alternative for larger fish.
Casting capacity: you can drag a star away, but it depends on the unit and some lever units are approaching that casting capacity. Fishing reels with star or star drag

If you want a smooth reel, you must ensure that the number of bearings is generous. In addition, the bearings are important for the longevity of the reel.

The bearings vary from one to 12, a pair of bearings being sufficient if you are using a basic unit. If you have the opportunity to try both, you will notice how this part can change the sensation when using the reel.

Line Capacity

It is quite self-explanatory since this information tells you how many lines a reel can provide. In most cases, you can find the data in the product description. You can also use the reel capacity and line diameter to calculate this information yourself.

Lay Line

Line drawing is a feature that shows you how easy it is to launch with that reel, especially when you are aiming for a long-distance throw. The best option is a flat line, as it also allows you the highest accuracy.

However, many manufacturers do not provide this information in the product description, so you should read the reviews carefully.

Line Clips

Line clips are also crucial for optimal accuracy when launching. You want to be precise to increase the chances of catching the desired fish. That’s why you should aim to have a reel with a line clip on it.
This is how it works: you launch the platform and use the line clip to wrap the line around it. This is how you can reach the same distance as long as you point in the same direction.

Recover Ratio

It is important to analyze this information as it indicates the speed of the reel. For example, a 5: 1 ratio means that the rotor rotates around the reel five times each time the handle is turned completely. The recovery ratio depends on the style of the reel, some rise to 7.5: 1, and others are as low as 4: 1.
You must aim at a higher speed if you are a long-distance fisherman. It saves you time when you are recovering the platform.


You can choose from several sizes of reels, and manufacturers often offer the same model in several sizes. The numbering system may be different (from 025 to 040 or from 1,000 to 12,000), but a smaller number marks a smaller reel in both cases.

Small reels are light and easy to move, but you may need a larger reel if you are heading for long-distance fishing or if it is large fish.


It is one of the rare categories in which you can rely solely on your taste. The important thing is that the handle fits well in your hands. Apart from that, make sure it is not slippery to ensure optimal control in wet weather conditions.

Frame Material

The frame material will determine two things: if your reel is suitable for saltwater fishing and the duration of the product. Saltwater units are made of stainless steel or other material that does not corrode. That ensures optimal durability and increases the life of a reel.

On the other hand, freshwater units can be metal. Although they may not have the same durability, you can also be satisfied with their longevity.

Level Winds

A level wind allows you to distribute the line even when you are recovering the platform. It is a convenient feature, but it depends on your fishing style. Keep in mind that level winds are sometimes prone to failure and may not be reliable all the time. That means that you may have to intervene to ensure the optimal distribution of the line.


You will find this feature on spinning reels. When it comes to the purpose, you use it to prevent the reel from turning backward and activating the drag. Gradually it becomes an obsolete technique. Although some manufacturers still include it, many choose to allow you to choose whether or not to activate it.


These are the types of brake systems available:

Centrifugal: This type, uses a centrifugal force to reduce the speed of rotation of the reel.

Magnetic: involves the magnets that work to reduce the speed of the reel by using the force of the magnet.

Tension: this is the main braking system on a reel and requires the use of a button. If you turn it in one direction, the reel pressure will increase. Turning it in the other direction decreases the pressure.

Fishing Reel Styles

Fixed Reel

We are starting with the type that is used most frequently. The fixed reel was the first reel for many fishermen, and many chose to follow this option as they see fit. As the name implies, the reel must not move under standard circumstances. The rotor arm serves to rewind the line.

It has a large variety of fixed coils from many manufacturers. These reels are versatile, and you can use them for various types of fishing. In addition, they are suitable for beginners and have a fairly affordable price.

Free Reel

You could say that these are an update of fixed spools. The improvement lies in the additionally available drag. You can choose the desired tension to turn the reel when you turn on this system. As soon as you take the bar, you can stop the function.

Many use a free reel for large fish, which implies that it is slightly heavier than a fixed reel. As a result, you can wait for a learning curve until you discover its mechanics.

Big Pit

If you prefer to fish in circumstances where large distances are required, you can consider this type of reel. The big hole is essentially a fixed reel, but it is different from the classic style. It has large handles and a small body, but the fundamental difference is the huge reel that can contain thick lines.

You can strip lines effortlessly on large reels. As for other features, it is very similar to fixed reels, since it has folding handles, line clips, and some other identical features.

Central Axis

The history of the central rollers dates back to three centuries ago. The idea is simple: the reel moves freely on its axis. The reel is perpendicular to the rod and has a large diameter, which allows it to throw away.

The important thing to know about this reel is that it has no drag or spool. The objective of this is to create movements that fish consider more natural. When it comes to dragging, the thumb is used to control the fish in the line. It can be a great option for carp and other large fish, but it will require some skill to control it.

Closed Face

You won’t find many manufacturers that produce closed-face reels, since open-face variants are much more popular. You can consider this option if you like fishing in the river. This is because the closed-face reels are light, which makes them suitable for newbies and easy to move without causing fatigue.

Although you shouldn’t expect a lot of energy from them, they can still do the job, especially if you focus on small and medium fish.

Multiplier Reels

Saltwater fishes are the ones who mainly choose these reels, but fishermen also attract fishermen. These reels are compact and lightweight, which means that experienced fishermen can even use them with one hand.
Place the multiplier reel on the bar, so it is essential to have a compatible bar. The configuration of everything can be a bit complicated, but you should not have any problem with the use of the reel.

Target Species

How to choose the best reel?

Are you dreaming of catching a particular type of fish? You may be aware that a particular species is common in your area and you want to prepare your equipment for them. Let’s take a look at some reels suggestions based on the species you want to fish.

Low: Choose a small reel, ideally of size 30 (3000).

Musky: It’s a big fish, so make sure you use a fairly large reel.

Catfish: you can use bait, spinning, and spinning reels, but be sure to get a high-quality unit.

Carp: another species that is considered large and requires a large fishing rod.

Trout: you can use small reels for trout. Some species respond well to 10 (1000) size units.

Tuna: As a large fish, tuna requires that you use a large reel (12,000).

Fishing Method

It’s time to take a look at various fishing techniques. We will mention only the most popular:

Fly fishing: special flies and lines are used, and in the place of the lures there are artificial flies.

Ice fishing: in cold temperatures, you can fish through the ice hole and catch fish in the frozen water.

Bottom fishing: here it focuses on the bottom of the water to catch fish that live there.

Angle: use a rod, a line, and an angle (hook) where you place the bait.

Floating fishing: is the method when using a small inflatable boat to avoid scaring the fish.

Surf fishing: you consider yourself a surf fisherman when you are on the coast and aim to catch fish nearby.


Your experience is one of the things you should consider when choosing the desired reel. If you are a beginner, you should probably stick to the basic fixed reel. Once you feel you have enough skill and experience, consider other models that are more difficult to control and that will allow you to tackle large fish.

When choosing a reel, consider the above and you will be on your way to choosing the right product.

Freshwater Reels VS Saltwater Reels

The choice sounds obvious: you choose a reel depending on where you plan to fish. However, let’s get to know the reels of fresh and saltwater better so you know what you are buying.

Freshwater Fishing Reels

By default, you should only use freshwater reels in non-salt waters, such as lakes or rivers. Its main advantage is the affordable price. Many consider them the basic version of the reels, as durability varies greatly from one unit to another. The manufacturer’s preferred choice is metal, so they are not suitable for saltwater fishing. Due to salt, corrosion is imminent.

=>Price payable
=>Suitable for beginners.
=>Excellent option for fishing in lakes and rivers.
=>It is not as durable as saltwater units
=>Not suitable for saltwater fishing.

Saltwater Fishing Reels

Some say that saltwater rolls are an improved version of their freshwater counterparts. They have to deal with salt, so manufacturers use non-corrosive materials. That way, reels are still a long-term solution, even if you only use them in saltwater. However, they are also versatile and suitable for freshwater.

Suitable for saltwater fishing, but also freshwater.
Made of non-corrosive and high-strength materials.
You can use them to catch large fish.
The highest price compared to freshwater units


If the budget allows, you cannot go wrong with a reel of saltwater. These units are versatile, and you can also use them in freshwater. On top of that, they are extremely durable and are made of non-corrosive components. However, if you know that there is no opportunity to fish in saltwater in your area, you can save some money by buying a freshwater reel.

Here is the guide on how to clean fishing reels:

Fly Reel vs Surf Fishing vs Ice Fishing Reel

Fishing reels are generally divided into 2 types: spinners and primers. There are variations of reels that add to the fundamentals (strength, coil size, mechanism), such as Fly, Surf, and Ice fishing reels. Below are briefly listed some attributes and reasons why fishermen choose these reels based on where and why they are fishing.

Fly Fishing Reels:

  • It is any type of fishing in which the weight of the line is used to launch a fly to attract a fish.
  • Fly fishing, in a nutshell, is what the fisherman is trying to fool the fish with any artificial bait that looks like an insect, such as a fly or other pieces of animals, including feathers and hair.
  • Use real or artificial flies: whatever a fish ate in the wild, is used to attract them to the lure.
  • Made in fresh and saltwater sources, but typically in moving waters.
  • It is used to catch many different types of fish such as bass, perch, bluegill, pike perch, pike, and carp.

Surf Fishing Reel:

  • Surf fishing is using a reel to catch fish standing on the coast, wading the water from a pier, or even a rocky coast
  • It is also known as beach casting.
  • Fishermen who surf on reel fish often need to throw a good distance to target the fish they are looking for. Fish caught in this way are generally very strong and to deal with these types of fish you need a long and strong Surf reel of 10 to 12 feet.
  • Quality Surf reels are made of anodized aluminum or graphite.
  • Live bait is generally used for these types of reels and they can catch some of the largest fish that exist due to their strength.

Ice Fishing Reels

  • Ice fishermen who consider themselves purists, consider that ice fishing is as basic as making a hole, establishing a line, and sitting on a stool waiting for the fish to bite.
  • These reels are generally reinforced to withstand the sometimes -30 degree weather that ice fishermen also subject them to. Some reels even have an antifreeze option.
  • 3 types are used Inline, Spinners, and Baitcaster.
  • Online reels are popular with ice fishermen because they do not twist the line and are less demanding. Usually, they are used for smaller fish.
  • Rotating reels are a more sophisticated option than Inline and offer more versatility than other ice fishing reels.
  • The lures used with ice reels are, in general, spoons, Williams ice template, and eagle claws.

Choose the Right Reel for Ice Fishing

Ice Fishing Reels If ice fishing sounds tempting, you should choose a suitable reel. Here are the three types of reels suggested for this form of fishing:

Rotating reels: placed on the rod from the bottom. An open-face reel with a fixed reel that is considered suitable for beginners and extremely versatile.

Inline reels: also placed on the rod from the bottom side, but also aligned with it. Very popular among ice fishermen.
Baitcasting reel: a heavy option with large baskets. They have adjustable reels, but you need some experience to learn to work with them.

If you are an ice fisherman for beginners, you should start with a spinning reel. However, it has a certain inconvenience, so be sure to move to a bait throwing reel or online as soon as you think you have enough skill and experience.

When it comes to other features of the reel, the main thing to ensure is that it has freeze protection. You will fish in freezing temperatures and want adequate equipment The graphite and aluminum reels are quite durable. If possible and adapts to your needs, always go for a light reel as it is easier to move.

Choose the Right Reel for Surf Fishing

If you are looking for excitement, experienced fishermen would recommend surf fishing. It is also convenient because you don’t need a boat at all. Instead, you stand on the shore or a pier (make sure you are allowed to fish there) and try to capture the desired species. Depending on your position, you can capture several species, such as striped sea bass, flounder, blackfish, redfish, bluefish, etc. The best part is that you never know which fish you are going to fish, although the use of specific lures can increase the chances of a particular genus.

Here are some tips that experts consider useful when choosing a surf fishing reel:

Reel length: the length of your equipment will depend on your location and the capture of your dreams. In general, try to make the reel as long as you need, but no more than that.

A conventional reel is a way to go, if you don’t consider yourself an experienced fisherman, you don’t have to splash your money on a long reel. In contrast, a conventional variant is more than useful, especially if it ensures good drag.
Make sure it is durable: you don’t want a piece of equipment to break, so make sure it has adequate durability.

Difference Between Open and Closed Face Reels

Another option you will have to do is open and closed face reels. The name is self-explanatory, but what is the difference between the two options? Here is a comparison of open and closed reels in several categories:

Casting: closed reels are easier to melt, while open types require a little more effort. You should make sure to open the bail, and some additional skills can be useful for optimal throws, such as using your thumb to navigate the line.
Accuracy and distance: open reels put you in charge of what you want to launch and can achieve greater distance and accuracy.

Price: it depends on the unit, but open reels are more expensive on average.

Versatility: When considering this category, we consider the types of lines that are suitable for both reels. Due to the limited space inside, closed reels face restrictions when it comes to the number of lines they can hold. In addition, they are not as good with thick lines as their open-faced counterparts.

Backlash: You will need some skill and experience to learn to control an open reel. Otherwise, you may face a negative reaction and the line may wrap around the tip of the rod.

While it is ultimately your choice and depends on the unit, the general rule is that closed reels are suitable for beginners. Despite all the limitations, they can still do a good job and are easier to control. Open reels offer you more possibilities, but controlling them requires some skill.

The Best Fishing Reels Brands

When choosing a reel, it is vital to stick to a reputable manufacturer. Fortunately for fishermen, there are many companies with excellent products.

Here is a selection of the best-rated fishing reel brands in the market.

Fishing Reel Manufacturer Reviews


Shimano is a brand that has existed for almost a century since its creation in 1921. The objective of the company has always been the precision and delivery of high-quality products to customers. The wide range of items they manufacture includes fishing reels, rods, and lures, as well as other equipment and even fishermen’s clothing.

Fishing is not the only sporting goods industry in which they are active. They also manufacture rowing and cycling equipment, and many professionals use their products. The reason they managed to maintain a great choice for so long is their ambition and the fact that they always strive to innovate.


The company’s headquarters are in Taiwan, but they have offices on five continents and a branch in the United States. From day one, they have been dedicated to innovation while maintaining affordable and accessible equipment for fishermen around the world.

The company’s current motto is “Fishing inspired”, and that speaks a lot about Okuma. They have a specialized team dedicated to the manufacture of all types of fishing equipment for amateurs and professionals. The company has been present for more than three decades and, meanwhile, they have established themselves as a reliable and reliable brand.


Daiwa is a company that has always known that it will focus on the fishing industry. It has been more than six decades since their first reel appeared on the market in 1955. Since then, they can be proud of the design of their reels and the fact that they are constantly refining their products.

The company offers a wide selection of saltwater and freshwater fishing reels for all types of fishermen. If you ever need rods, lures, lines, or other accessories, Daiwa has them too. The company has authorized warranty centers throughout the United States, which contributed to the durability of its products.

Abu Garcia

The name might suggest otherwise, but Abu Garcia was founded in Sweden in 1921. They started making taximeters, telephone timers, and pocket watches. After World War II, they changed their approach to fishing and made the right decision. It didn’t take long to establish the company as the industry leader, and it has remained that way until today.

Abu Garcia manufactures all types of reels, including spin cast, spinning, and conventional models. They also make wands, clothes, and tools to take a fisherman’s experience to the next level. Each of its products comes with a warranty.


The manufacturer entered the fishing industry in 1932 but has since been a leading member of it. Penn focuses its resources on making innovative products that serve fishermen, as well as reels that have a tempting design and aesthetic value.

It is interesting to note that Penn focuses on the manufacture of saltwater rolls. These are durable reels that are incredibly versatile and durable, but as a result, their products may be priced higher. However, each purchase will be long-term, since each of its products is guaranteed and will last for many years. You can also buy tools, clothing, and rods manufactured by the same manufacturer.

From Lew

In the first years of its existence, this company has imported high-quality materials from Japan and introduced them into the US market. That speaks a lot about the innovation of Lew founder Lew Childre.

The same desire for innovation is remarkable today. If you are looking for spinning or casting reels, you are likely to find one that suits you in this company’s portfolio. The design of the reels is great and combines aesthetics and functionality. The company directly ensures a guarantee for each of its reels. When it comes to prices, they depend heavily on the product.


A company that is difficult to pronounce, but it is worth it because the quality of its products is unmatched. They are the pioneers of the fishing industry since Pflueger was established in 1881. They also designed the first baitcasting reel in 1916. Until today, they were still dedicated to innovation.

Pflueger has a complete collection of best fishing reels, which includes rotating, flying, spike, and baitcasting reels. They also offer replacement pools, but each of their products comes with a warranty. Modern design and color scheme are some of the reasons why many fishermen around the world choose this manufacturer.

Wrap Up

It will take time and effort to choose the best fishing reels that fit your taste perfectly. The first thing to think about is what type of fisherman you are or want to be.

If you have a particular location or fishing approach in mind, point to a reel that can meet those expectations. Beginners should start with those units that are easy to use and control, and that are suitable for small fish. Experienced fishermen may also consider larger units.

Final Thoughts

The important thing is that you will probably find your favorite type in our fishing reel reviews. Now that you have gathered all the information from the buying guide, it may be time to review the reviews once again. As an informed buyer, you can easily choose the unit that will provide the results you expect.

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